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The Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation hosts the two degree programs described below. Geodesy and Geoinformation is offered as a Bachelor's and Master's degree program, Geodetic Engineering as a Master's degree program in English.

Bachelor's degree program

Geodesy and Geoinformation

The Geodesy and Geoinformation degree course (in german language) is a modern degree course with a scientific and interdisciplinary focus. It deals with the digitization of the earth - on a global, regional and local scale.

Geodesists develop methods that can calculate the coordinates of a location on earth from the signals of a global system of satellites (GPS). This means, for example, that the rise in sea level can be precisely predicted or you can use your smartphone to find out where the nearest pizzeria is or the quickest way to get from here to Rome.

What exactly is geodesy? The student council gives an overview [DE].

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Master's degree program

Geodetic Engineering

The study program is dedicated to students with a BSc in Geodesy and Geoinformation or related topics, such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Geosciences, or Electrical Engineering. It is a full-time program taught entirely in English and offers three profiles, covering the main research fields of our institute, from which the students choose one area as a major and a second as a minor topic.

  • Mobile Sensing and Robotics
  • Geodetic Earth System Science and Data Analysis
  • Geoinformation and Spatial Development
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