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Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation

Rooted in mathematics, geodesy represents a highly interdisciplinary science, with applications to understanding risks to society and to developing sustainable pathways for human development. At IGG, we focus on using geodetic data for assessing climate change and monitoring the environment (including defining a global reference system), on land use management, property markets, urban planning, and ecosystem services assessment, and on developing sensor systems that aid precision agriculture and robotic systems research.

Sources of information that we analyze reach from dedicated gravity satellites such as GRACE and GRACE-FO, radar altimeters, multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing satellites, multi-GNSS, aerial, UAV- and vehicle-based sensors, and terrestrial instrumentation such as cameras and laser scanning. These geodetic data allow constructing space-time surface reconstructions at various scales that are used e.g. in sea level research, in the mapping of regional land subsidence or in plant phenology mapping, and deriving gravity field and mass change models, which in turn inform numerical simulation models. [...] read more

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News & Events
AI shows how field crops develop

Researchers at the University of Bonn have developed software that can simulate the growth of field crops. To do this, they fed thousands of photos from field experiments into a learning algorithm. This enabled the algorithm to learn how to visualize the future development of cultivated plants based on a single initial image. Using the images created during this process, parameters such as leaf area or yield can be estimated accurately. The results have been published in the journal Plant Methods.

Robotics Research at the Highest International Level

The state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst, visited the Humanoid Robots Lab at the University of Bonn on Thursday afternoon. Talks centered on current research projects in the field of robotics and the challenges associated with the use of robots in human environments. The state premier was able to enter virtual reality with a robot and watch a three-armed robot harvesting peppers.

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