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Algorithms for Geoinformation Systems

The Geoinformation WG is engaged in the development of modern geoinformation systems, which display data in a structured manner and allow their analysis with efficient algorithms.

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Mapping and digitizing archeological sites is an important task to preserve cultural heritage and to make it accessible to the public.The development of autonomous robots helps to access hazardous areas which are inaccessible by humans.

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Pattern Recognition Methods

Machine learning algorithms offer the possibility to interpret satellite data for a global monitoring of the Earth and its changes over large areas and for various points in time.

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Regional sea level rise

Sea level rise varies regionally and is driven by melting of glaciers, wind, and expansion due to heating. We use space geodetic techniques to observe and separate these effects.

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Differential Radar Interferometrie

Due to the brown-coal open pit mining the area of ​​NRW undergoes deformations of a few centimeters per year. Using the differential radar interferometry, time series of these deformations are generated.  

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Decrease of Primary Rainforest

Together with the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ), the working group Landuse Modeling is investigating in landuse changes in South Chile and their impact on ecological services.

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Mobile Datarecording

The WG Geodesy researches algorithms for (real-time) determination of position and orientation of kinematic multi-sensor systems, as well as methods for testing and calibrating the systems.

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