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The Working Group Geodesy at the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Kuhlmann, specializes in the advancement of Engineering Geodesy, with a particular emphasis on terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and mobile mapping systems (MMS). Within the field of TLS, our research aims at the understanding and improvement of sensors and algorithms. In the context of MMS, we are dedicated to enhancing systems with advanced sensors considering the quality of derived point clouds by the work on topics like system calibration, trajectory evaluation and quality assessment.

This commitment extends to our work in agricultural sciences, where we apply our expertise to contribute to breeding and farming through accurate mapping and following plant parameter estimation. Our educational initiatives further reinforce these principles, offering courses that provide students with practical insights in the context of Engineering Geodesy.

Open Positions

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (f/m/d, TV-L E13, 100 %, 3 years, prolongation possible)

    • Our research is concerned with general problems of engineering geodesy and in particular with the generation, analysis and interpretation of 3D data. Application examples are the monitoring of plants and their environments for agricultural purposes and the monitoring of infrastructure.
      • High Precision Reality Capture using LIDAR and Images
      • Processing and analysis of point clouds
      • Mobile multi-sensor systems
      • Laser scanning
      • Accurate Localization using GNSS and sensor fusion
      • Deformation analysis and Infrastructure monitoring

Latest Publications

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UAV-based individual plant detection and geometric parameter extraction in vineyards

Cantürk, M., Zabawa, L., Pavlic, D., Dreier, A.,  Klingbeil, L., Kuhlmann, H.

© IGG Geodesy

Field Robot for High-Throughput and High-Resolution 3D Plant Phenotyping: Towards Efficient and Sustainable Crop Production

Esser, F., Rosu, R. A., Cornelißen, A., Klingbeil, L., Kuhlmann, H., Behnke, S.

CAD-Pool Städtebau
© IGG Geodesy

Investigations of the scan characteristics
with special focus on multi-target capability
for the 2D laser scanner RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV

Dreier, A., Jost, B., Kuhlmann, H. and Klingbeil, L.


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