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The four main space geodetic techniques are combined to determine global terrestrial reference frames (TRFs). Currently available global TRFs do not meet the necessary accuracy requirements defined by the Global Geodetic Observing System of 1mm accuracy and 1mm/decade stability. We investigate different combination strategies (“local, global, space and clock ties”), and technological and conceptional developments in the space geodetic techniques.

The Space Geodetic Techniques
© Shrishail Raut

Main research areas

  • Local ties, e.g., Glaser et al. (2015a , 2019b)
  • Global ties, e.g., Glaser et al. (2015b)
  • Space ties, e.g., Delva et al. (2023), Schreiner et al. (REFAG2022)
  • Clock ties
  • Additional network stations, e.g., Glaser et al (2019a)
  • Next-generation GNSS, e.g., Glaser et al. (2020a), Raut et al. (2023), Schreiner et al. (IUGG2023)

Current Research Projects

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© NextGNSS4GGOS Team

Next generation GNSS constellations for GGOS-compliant geodetic solutions (NextGNSS4GGOS)

DFG | Project number 451901242

Time Frame: 2021 - 2024

Individual Research Grant

PI: Susanne Glaser

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© Clock Metrology Team

Novel clock technologies for combination on ground and in space: real data and simulation (FOR5456-P9)

DFG | FOR5456 | Project number 490990195

Time Frame: since 2023

Sub-project P9 in research unit with DGFI@TUM

PI: Susanne Glaser, Manuela Seitz

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© Uni Bonn/CRC1502

 Statistical Testing & stochastic processes for the Analysis of Modeled and observed Earth system Data (STAMPED)

Uni Bonn | Exzellenzmittel | Starting Grant

Time Frame: 2023 - 2024

Research award Mathematics, Modelling, & Simulation for Investigation of Climate Change

PI: Jan Martin Brockmann

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Susanne Glaser

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