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Geoinformation science is the discipline at the interface of computer science and the geosciences. Its task is to provide methods for the acquisition, administration, analysis, and presentation of spatial information. Our group focuses on the development of discrete optimization methods and geometric algorithms for problems of spatial analysis and geovisualization, which refers to the presentation of spatial information with maps or other graphics. With our algorithmic developments we aim to support domain experts such as spatial planners or cartographers. On the other hand, we also develop solutions to everyday problems (e.g., finding a restaurant based on user-specific preferences) for maps on small and mobile devices.

Screenshot dynamischer Kartenbeschriftung
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Algorithms for

Algorithms for map labeling, the visualization of geographical networks, and the generation of variable-scale maps.

Autobahnkreuz mit konstruierten Stützpunkten
© IGG | Jan-Henrik Haunert & Michael Kneuper

& Spatial Optimization

Efficient algorithms for aggregating and generalizing spatial data, detecting spatial patterns, and finding relations between different spatial data sets.

3D-Modell aus der Vogelperspektive
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Urban Analytics

Analysis of mobility data and observation planning for the generation of 3D building and city models.

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