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  • M. Borlinghaus, C. Neyers, and J. M. Brockmann, (2023)
    Development of a Continuous Spatiotemporal Finite Element-Based Representation of the Mean Sea Surface
    Journal of Geodesy


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  • Burak Ekim, Timo T. Stomberg, Ribana Roscher, Michael Schmitt (2023)
    MapInWild: A remote sensing dataset to address the question of what makes nature wild [Software and Data Sets]
    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine, vol. 11, no. 1
  • Kierdorf, J., Roscher, R. (2023)
    Reliability Scores from Saliency Map Clusters for Improved Image-based Harvest-Readiness Prediction in Cauliflower
    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters


  • Christian Siemes, Claudia Borries, Sean Bruinsma, Isabel Fernandez-Gomez, Natalia Hładczuk, Josevan den IJssel, Timothy Kodikara, Kristin Vielberg and Pieter Visse1 (2023)
    New thermosphere neutral mass density and crosswind datasets from CHAMP, GRACE, and GRACE-FO
    Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate 2023, 13, 16.
  • Ruoxi Li, Jiuhou Lei, Jürgen Kusche, Tong Dang, Fuqing Huang, Xiaoli Luan, Shun-Rong Zhang, Maodong Yan, Ziyi Yang, Feifan Liu, Xiankang Dou (2023)
    Large-Scale Disturbances in the Upper Thermosphere Induced by the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption
    Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 50, Issue 3.


  • Esser, F.; Klingbeil, L.; Zabawa, L.; Kuhlmann, H. (2023)
    Quality Analysis of a High-Precision Kinematic Laser Scanning System for the Use of Spatio-Temporal Plant and Organ-Level Phenotyping in the Field
    Remote Sensing 15, no. 4: 1117.
  • Tombrink, Gereon; Dreier, Ansgar; Klingbeil, Lasse; Kuhlmann, Heiner (2023)
    Trajectory evaluation using repeated rail-bound measurements
    Journal of Applied Geodesy, 2023.


  • Annika Bonerath, Jan-Henrik Haunert, Joseph S.B. Mitchell, Benjamin Niedermann (2023)
    Shortcut Hulls: Vertex-restricted Outer Simplifications of Polygons
    Computational Geometry, Special issue of the 33rd Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG), Article 101983.
  • Arzoumanidis, Lukas, Knechtel, Julius, Haunert, Jan-Henrik, Dehbi, Youness (2023)
    Self-Constructing Graph Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Historical Maps
    Abstracts of the ICA, 6:11.
  • Axel Forsch, Johannes Oehrlein, Benjamin Niedermann, Jan-Henrik Haunert (2023)
    Inferring routing preferences from user-generated trajectories using a compression criterion
    Journal of Spatial Information Science, 26(5):99-124.
  • Gedicke, Sven, Arzoumanidis, Lukas, Haunert, Jan-Henrik (2023)
    Automating the External Placement of Symbols for Point Features in Situation Maps for Emergency Response
    Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 50(4):385-402.
  • Gedicke, Sven, Arzoumanidis, Lukas, Haunert, Jan-Henrik (2023)
    Ein Algorithmus zur automatischen Platzierung taktischer Zeichen in der digitalen Lageskizze
    Zeitschrift für Forschung und Technik im Brandschutz vfdb, 72(2):59-65.
  • Li, Weilian, Haunert, Jan-Henrik, Knechtel, Julius, Zhu, Jun, Zhu, Qing, Dehbi, Youness (2023)
    Social Media Insights on Public Perception and Sentiment During and After Disasters: The European Floods in 2021 as a Case Study
    Transactions in GIS,0(0):0.
  • Specka, Xenia, Martini, Daniel, Weiland, Claus, Arend, Daniel, Asseng, Senthold, Boehm, Franziska, Feike, Til, Fluck, Juliane, Gackstetter, David, Gonzales-Mellado, Aida, Hartmann, Thomas, Haunert, Jan-Henrik, Hoedt, Florian, Hoffmann, Carsten, König, Patrick, Lange, Matthias, Lesch, Stephan, Lindstädt, Birte, Lischeid, Gunnar, Möller, Markus, Rascher, Uwe, Reif, Jochen Christoph, Schmalzl, Markus, Senft, Matthias, Stahl, Ulrike, Svoboda, Nikolai, Usadel, Björn, Webber, Heidi, Ewert, Frank (2022)
    FAIRagro: Ein Konsortium in der Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI) für Forschungsdaten in der Agrosystemforschung
    Informatik Spektrum, 46, 24-25.


  • Mischa Uebachs · Philipp Wegner · Sebastian Schaaf · Simon Kugai · Heike Jacobi · Sheng‑Han Kuo · Tetsuo Ashizawa · Juliane Fluck · EUROSCA study group · ESMI study group · RISCA study group · CRC-SCA study group · SCA Registry stu (2023)
    SCAview: an Intuitive Visual Approach to the Integrative Analysis of Clinical Data in Spinocerebellar Ataxias
    The Cerebellum


  • Arora, M., L. Wiesmann, X. Chen, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Static Map Generation from 3D LiDAR Point Clouds Exploiting Ground Segmentation
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 159: p. 104287
  • Dong, H. X. Chen, S. Särkkä, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Online pole segmentation on range images for long-term LiDAR localization in urban environments
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 159, p 104283
  • Kelly, S., A. Riccardi, E. Marks, F. Magistri, T. Guadagnino, M. Chli, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Target-Aware Implicit Mapping for Agricultural Crop Inspection
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA)
  • Lim, H., L. Nunes, B. Mersch, X. Chen, J. Behley, H. Myung, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    ERASOR2: Instance-Aware Robust 3D Mapping of the Static World in Dynamic Scenes
    Proc. of Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS).
  • Magistri, F., J. Weyler, D. Gogoll, P. Lottes, J. Behley, N. Petrinic, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    From one Field to Another – Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation in Agricultural Robotics
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, vol. 212, p. 108114
  • Nunes, L., L. Wiesmann, R. Marcuzzi, X. Chen, J. Behley, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Temporal Consistent 3D LiDAR Representation Learning for Semantic Perception in Autonomous Driving
    Proc. of the IEEE/CVF Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
  • Peters, L., V. Rubies Royo, C. Tomlin, L. Ferranti, J. Alonso-Mora, C. Stachniss, and D. Fridovich-Keil (2023)
    Online and Offline Learning of Player Objectives from Partial Observations in Dynamic Games
    The Intl. Journal of Robotics Research
  • Riccardi, A., S. Kelly, E. Marks, F. Magistri, T. Guadagnino, J. Behley, M. Bennewitz, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Fruit Tracking Over Time Using High-Precision Point Clouds
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA).
  • Roggiolani, G., F. Magistri, T. Guadagnino, G. Grisetti, C. Stachniss, and J. Behley (2023)
    On Domain-Specific Pre-Training for Effective Semantic Perception in Agricultural Robotics
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA), 2023
  • Roggiolani, G., M. Sodano, F. Magistri, T. Guadagnino, J. Behley, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Hierarchical Approach for Joint Semantic, Plant Instance, and Leaf Instance Segmentation in the Agricultural Domain
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA), 2023.
  • Sodano, M., F. Magistri, T. Guadagnino, J. Behley, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    Robust Double-Encoder Network for RGB-D Panoptic Segmentation
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA), 2023.
  • Stache, F., J. Westheider, F. Magistri, C. Stachniss, and M. Popovic (2023)
    Adaptive Path Planning for UAVs for Multi-Resolution Semantic Segmentation
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 159: p. 104288
  • Zhong, X., Y. Pan, J. Behley, and C. Stachniss (2023)
    SHINE-Mapping: Large-Scale 3D Mapping Using Sparse Hierarchical Implicit Neural Representations
    Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robotics & Automation (ICRA), 2023


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