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Date: Mar 12, 2017

Cologne VDI-Advancement Award 2016

For the 34th time, Kölner VDI honored outstanding Bachelor and Master theses from the field of engineering studies in the region




Joël Köhler from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn received the second prize (endowed with € 1,000) for his work on the "representation of spatial and temporal connections between coherent pixels in satellite- or aircraft-supported wheelarms". Such measurements are playing a growing role in earth observation. "I am working on a special evaluation technique for radar images, which makes it possible to detect ground movements of a few centimeters per year for entire regions," says Köhler. Two images - taken at different times and from slightly different positions - enable the scientist to make statements about changes in the earth 's surface. In the professorship in which he wrote his work, this method is used to determine movements of the surface area in the Lower Rhine bay with the intensive opencast mining.


VDI-Press relese (German Language) | 14.10.2016

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