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  • Barton, K. N., Pal, N., Brus, S. R., Petersen, M. R., Arbic, B. K., Engwirda, D., Roberts, A. F., Westerink, J. J., Wirasaet, D., Schindelegger, M. (2022)
    Global barotropic tide modeling using inline self-attraction and loading in MPAS-Ocean
    Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems

  • Piecuch, C. G., Fukumori, I., Ponte, R. M., Schindelegger, M., Wang, O., Zhao, M. (2022)
    Low-frequency dynamic ocean response to barometric-pressure loading
    Journal of Physical Oceanography

  • Ponte, R. M., Schindelegger, M. (2022)
    Global ocean response to the 5‐day Rossby‐Haurwitz atmospheric mode seen by GRACE
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

  • Schindelegger, M., Kotzian, D. P., Ray, R.D., Green, J. A. M., Stolzenberger, S (2022)
    Interannual changes in tidal conversion modulate M2 amplitudes in the Gulf of Maine
    Geophysical Research Letter


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