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Erdsystemforschung / Earth System Research

  • Daher, H., Arbic, B. K., Williams, J. G., Ansong, J. K., Boggs, D. H., Müller, M., Schindelegger, M., Austermann, J., Cornuelle, B. D., Crawford, E. B., Fringer, O. B., Lau, H. C. P., Lock, S. J., Maloof, A. C., Menemenlis, D., Mitrovica, J. X., Green, J. (2021)
    Long-term Earth-Moon evolution with high-level orbit and ocean tide models
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets

  • Harker, A. A., Schindelegger, M., Ponte, R. M., Salstein, D. A. (2021)
    Modeling ocean-induced rapid Earth rotation variations: an update
    Journal of Geodesy

  • Jänicke, L., Ebener, A., Dangendorf, S., Arns, A., Schindelegger, M., Niehüser, S., Haigh, I.D., Woodworth, P.L., Jensen, J. (2021)
    Assessment of tidal range changes in the North Sea from 1958 to 2014
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

  • Schindelegger, M., Harker, A. A., Ponte, R. M., Dobslaw, H., Salstein, D. A. (2021)
    Convergence of daily GRACE solutions and models of submonthly ocean bottom pressure variability
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans


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