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  • Bonerath, A., Haunert, J.-H., Niedermann, B. (2020)
    Dynamic Aggregation of Geo-Objects for the Interactive Exploration of Research Data
    Publikationen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie, Fernerkundung und Geoinformation e.V., DGPF Jahrestagung 2020
  • Bonerath, A., Haunert, J.-H., Niedermann, B. (2020)
    Tight Rectilinear Hulls of Simple Polygons
    Proceedings of the 36th European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG'20). Preprint.
  • Matan Mor, Johannes Oehrlein, Jan-Henrik Haunert, Sagi Dalyot (2020)
    Whom to Follow? A Comparison of Walking Routes Computed Based on Social Media Photos from Different Types of Contributors
    Proc. 23rd AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE 2020)
  • Wu, H.-Y., Niedermann, B., Takahashi, S., Roberts, M. J., Nöllenburg, M. (2020)
    A Survey on Transit Map Layout -- from Design, Machine, and Human Perspectives
    Computer Graphics Forum, 39(3)


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