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Theoretische Geodäsie / Theoretical Geodesy

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  • B. Kargoll, M. Omidalizarandi, H. Alkhatib, and W. -D. Schuh (2018)
    Further Results on a Modified EM Algorithm for Parameter Estimation in Linear Models with Time-Dependent Autoregressive and t-Distributed Errors
    Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, 2018, pp. 323-337
  • B. Kargoll, M. Omidalizarandi, I. Loth, J. Paffenholz, and H. Alkhatib (2018)
    An Iteratively Reweighted Least-Squares Approach to Adaptive Robust Adjustment of Parameters in Linear Regression Models with Autoregressive and t-Distributed Deviations
    Journal of Geodesy, vol. 92, iss. 3, pp. 271-297
  • K. R. Koch (2018)
    Bayesian Statistics and Monte Carlo Methods
    Journal of Geodetic Science, vol. 8, iss. 1, p. 18–29
  • W. -D. Schuh and J. M. Brockmann (2018)
    The Numerical Treatment of Covariance Stationary Processes in Least Squares Collocation
    Handbuch Der Geodäsie, W. Freeden, Ed., {Springer Berlin Heidelberg}, 2018, vol. Mathematical Geodesy


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