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Astronomische, Physikalische und Mathematische Geodäsie / Astronomical, Physical und Mathematical Geodesy

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  • Andersen O.B., Nielsen K., Knudsen P., Hughes C: W., Bingham R., Fenoglio L.,Gravelle M., Kern M.and Padilla Polo S. (2018)
    Improving the coastal mean dynamic topography by geodetic combination of tide gauge and satellite altimetry
    Marine Geodesy
  • A. Cazenave, J. Kusche, R. Rietbroek, L. Fenoglio, WCRP Global Sea Level Budget Group, 2018)
    Global sea-level budget 1993 - present
    Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 10, 1551 - 1590
  • Ehsan Forootan, Jürgen Kusche, Matthieu Talpe, C. K. Shum, Michael Schmidt (2018)
    Developing a Complex Independent Component Analysis (CICA) Technique to Extract Non-stationary Patterns from Geophysical Time Series
    Surveys in Geophysics, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 435 - 465
  • Engels, O., B.C. Gunter, R.E.M. Riva, and R. Klees (2018)
    Separating geophysical signals using GRACE and high‐resolution data: a case study in Antarctica
    Geophysical Research Letters, 45
  • Kusche J., Uebbing B., Rietbroek R., Fenoglio-Marc L., Bernzen A. und Braun B. (2018)
    Bangladesch – integriertes Monitoring in einer klimasensitiven Region
    ZfV 1/2018
  • Legeais J.F., Ablain M., Zawadzki L., Kuo H., Johannessen J., Schaffenberg M., Fenoglio L., Fernandez J., Andersen O., Rudenko S., Cipollini P., Quartly G., Passaro M., Cazenave A. Benveniste J.  (2018)
    An Improved and Homogeneous Altimeter Sea Level Record from the ESA Climate Change Initiative
    Earth System Science Data, 10, 281-301, 2018
  • Lück, C., Kusche, J., Rietbroek, R., and Löcher, A. (2018)
    Time-variable gravity fields and ocean mass change from 37 months of kinematic Swarm orbits
    Solid Earth, 9, 323-339
  • Makan A. Karegar; Timothy H. Dixon; Jürgen Kusche; Don P. Chambers (2018)
    A New Hybrid Method for Estimating Hydrologically Induced Vertical Deformation From GRACE and a Hydrological Model: An Example From Central North America,
    Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
  • Navneet Kumar; Bernhard Tischbein; Jürgen Kusche; Patrick Laux; Mirza K. Beg; Janos J.Bogardi (2018)
    Impact of climate change on water resources of upper Kharun catchment in Chhattisgarh, India
    Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies Volume 13, Pages 189-207
  • Naz, B. S., Kurtz, W., Montzka, C., Sharples, W., Goergen, K., Keune, J., Gao, H., Springer, A., Hendricks Franssen, H.-J., and Kollet, S. (2018)
    Improving soil moisture and runoff simulations over Europe using a high-resolution data-assimilation modeling framework
    Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
  • Thomas Poméon, Bernd Diekkrüger, Anne Springer, Jürgen Kusche and Annette Eicker (2018)
    Multi-Objective Validation of SWAT for Sparsely-Gauged West African River Basins - A Remote Sensing Approach
    Water 2018, 10(4), 451
  • Reale F., Fabio Dentale F., Pugliese Carratelli E., Fenoglio-Marc L. (2018)
    Influence of Sea State on Sea Surface Height Oscillation from Doppler Altimeter Measurements in the North Sea
    Remote Sens. 2018, 10, 1100
  • Roelof Rietbroek and IMBIE team (2018)
    Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017
    Nature 558, 219 - 222 (2018)
  • M. Schumacher, E. Forootan, A.I. J. M. van Dijk, H. Müller Schmied, R. S. Crosbie, J. Kusche, P. Döll (2018)
    Improving drought simulations within the Murray-Darling Basin by combined calibration/assimilation of GRACE data into the WaterGAP Global Hydrology Model
    Remote Sensing of Environent, volume 204, pages 212 - 228
  • Vermeersen, B.L.A., Slangen, A.B.A., Gerkema, T., Baart, F., Cohen, K.M., Dangendorf, S., Duran-Matute, M., Frederikse, T., Grinsted, A., Hijma, M.P., Jevrejeva, S., Kiden, P., Kleinherenbrink, M., Meijles, E.W., Palmer, M.D., Rietbroek, R., et-al (2018)
    Sea-level change in the Dutch Wadden Sea
    Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 97, 79–127
  • Vielberg, K., Forootan, E., Lück, C., Löcher, A., Kusche, J., and Börger, K. (2018)
    Comparison of accelerometer data calibration methods used in thermospheric neutral density estimation
    Ann. Geophys., 36, 761-779
  • Wiese A., J. Staneva, J. Schultz-Stellenfleth, A. Behrens, L. Fenoglio-Marc and J.-R. Bidlot (2018)
    Synergy of wind wave model simulations and satellite observations during extreme events
    Ocean Science
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