The workshop will take place September 19-21, 2017, in Bonn, Germany

Further information about the session structure and abstract submission will be available soon.



The growing record of space-gravimetric and -geodetic data (GRACE, GNSS, radar altimetry, InSAR, VLBI, …) provides a new view on climate variables like water storage, sea level (both steric and eustatic),ice volume, water vapor, and others. Long time series start to reveal a complex picture of climate variability, climate change and other anthropogenic modifications in geodetic data. While this calls for disentangling these effects by testing climate model simulations with data, at the same time it complicates the perspective of validating climate models. We envisage soliciting both keynote speeches and regular contributions for topics like

• data analysis and synthesis (e.g. creating long and consistent time series, data combination, data homogenization, data assimilation, new data products)

• disentangling climate variability, climate change and anthropogenic modifications

• validation of global and regional climate models

• prospects of future missions and constellations (e.g. gravity, altimetry, GNSS)


Organizing committee

The workshop will be organized by:

IAG SC 2.6: Gravity and Mass Transport in the Earth System

IAG JWG 2.6.1: Geodetic Observations for Climate Model Evaluation

IAG JWG 4.3.8 GNSS Tropospheric Products for Climate


Scientific organizing committee:

Annette Eicker (HCU Hamburg), Jürgen Kusche (Uni Bonn), Rosa Pacione (e-geos/ASI), Carmen Böning (JPL), J. T. Reager (JPL), Detlef Stammer (Uni Hamburg), Wei Feng (CAS), Shin-Chan Han (Uni Newcastle), Marie-Estelle Demory (Uni Reading), Henryk Dobslaw (GFZ Potsdam), Albert van Dijk (ANU), Bert Wouters (IMAU, Utrecht)