New M.Sc. program Geodetic Engineering in Bonn, starting October 2017 (26.09.16)

Dr. Wei Feng (CAS, Wuhan) visits the Group as a guest scientist from August 2016 to August 2017 (26.09.16)

Makan Karegar (U South Florida, Tampa) visits the Group as a guest scientist until June 2017 (26.09.16)

Maike Schumacher defended her PhD Thesis on "Methods for assimilating remotely-sensed water storage changes into hydrological models" (12.09.16)

New paper on "A decade of sea level rise slowed by climate-driven hydrology", published online in Science with contribution by Annette Eicker (12.02.16)

New paper on "Revisiting the contemporary sea-level budget on global and regional scales", by Roelof Rietbroek et al., published online in PNAS (26.01.16)

Research by Ehsan Forootan, addressing the impact of ENSO and IOD on Australia precipitation, was mentioned in The Australian Energy and Water Exchange (OzEWEX) Initiative news (09.01.16)

Khandu (Curtin University, Perth, Australia) visits the Group as a guest scientist, November 2015 - January 2016 (91.11.15)

Dr. Francis Akinluyi (Federal University of Techn., Akure, Nigeria) visits the group as a guest scientist from September - November 2015 (30.09.15)

Abu Saleh Khan, MD Zahirul Haque Khan, MD Nasim al Azad Khan, MD Saiful Islam and Abeer Quddus (Inst. for Water Modelling Dhaka) visit the group for a two-week training on sea level and altimetry and Band-Aid Project Workshop (07.09.15)

Jürgen Kusche takes over job as Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Geodesy (10.07.15)

Ehsan Forootan defends his PhD thesis on "Statistical Signal Decomposition Techniques for Analyzing Time-Variable Satellite Gravimetry Data" (19.09.14)

Dr. You Wei (Southwest Jiatong Univ., Chengdu) visits the Group as a guest scientist from July 2014 to June 2015 (30.07.2014)

The 2nd Summer School of the DFG SPP1257 will take place September 15-19, 2014, in Mayschoss/Ahr (30.07.14)

Roelof Rietbroek defends his PhD thesis on "Retrieval of Sea Level and Surface Loading Variations from Geodetic Observations and Model Simulations: An Integrated Approach" (07.03.14)

Roelof Rietbroek receives "Outstanding Young Scientist Award" by the EGU (European Geosciences Union) Division G (Geodesy) (14.10.13)

New Greenland mass trend maps available from regional GRACE inversion -> data and models (25.09.13)

Dr. Laurent Longuevergne (Univ. Rennes / GRGS) visits the group as a guest scientist in July and August (05.07.13)

New global gravity model ITG-GOCE02 complete to degree/order 240; spherical harmonic coefficients -> data and models (also at ICGEM) (26.04.13)